Clover Point of Sale

The POS Solutions can provide the best Clover POS system for your business.

Let us help you with any combination of the following options.

Clover Station

The new Clover Station offers a great way to streamline your sales activities.

This all in one POS and payment system will help you accept a wide variety of payment types, simplify your team’s daily tasks, and speed up your transactions to make things run smoothly.

Fully integrated EMV payment acceptance, faster processing, space saving design, and a swivel interface for easy e-signatures.

Station gives you fingerprint login for enhanced employee security and end-to-end encryption of every transaction to help protect your data and your customer’s data.

Ask your rep from The POS Solutions how this complete system can help your business move forward.


Good things come in small packages. This compact countertop POS setup will handle more than you’d expect, including swipe, EMV chip, and contactless payments without taking up much of your precious checkout space!

If you’d like to find out more and see if this is the right POS system for you, just send us a message & we’ll discuss if the features suit your needs.

Clover Flex

The Clover Flex offer so much flexibility at your sales counter, or on the go. With a built-in scanner and receipt printer, this is a slam dunk for a lot of business owners looking for flexibility.

Bring it right to your customer’s table, their spot in line, their home, roadside vehicle…wherever you have an internet connection. Accepts all payment types. Plus Clover tracks your sales and provides reports in the device, online, or in the mobile App available for iOS and Android.

If your business moves around and won’t stay put, you need a POS system that is compact and can roam around with you. That’s where the Clover Flex is your best friend.   Portable and versatile, it can help tremendously with food trucks, pay at the table restaurants, festivals, and a host of other dynamic situations.

Clover Go

The Clover Go Contactless Reader is great for moving around and letting customers pay with their credit card by swiping, dipping, or tapping. Ideal for those paying with the Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay apps on their phone or tablet.

It can stand on it’s own or work in connection with other Clover POS devices. You can actually open an order with any other Clover device and then close it out with the Go. This is an all in one contactless, chip, or swipe POS solution for super easy payment acceptance.

Clover Printers

Either of the two Clover Station printers available will make your setup complete. One prints receipts fast when speed and moving customers along is important.

The other printer features a customer-facing display and contactless payment acceptance. So you can decide which is more appropriate for each location.

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